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God loves you!

Is that hard to believe? Maybe it seems like everything in life is more real than a God who loves you. Have you ever met God?  Have you ever felt His love for you? Do you know what it’s like to hear Him speaking to you? What would you do if He did? What would it be worth to know the plans God has for your life? What would you give to feel joy, love, and peace instead of anger, guilt, and sadness? What if every bad thing you ever did – or even thought – could be completely washed away and you were filled with God’s
inexpressible love and forgiveness? What if God is way better than you think or heard?

It’s a relationship thing.

Ever been in love?  It’s hard to have a relationship with someone you can’t be with, isn’t it? We only really know someone we spend time with and trust. It’s either personal or it’s not.

God’s the same way.

It may be hard to believe but God wants to have a close personal relationship with us – with you. From the very beginning, God wanted to walk and talk with us down here. He sent His Son Jesus to show us exactly what He’s like and to make a way for us to live with Him every day – not just particular people at special times, but all of us all the time.

I already tried church or religion and nothing good happened.

Church is not a building and this is not about religion. Religion is about what people do for God. Jesus is about what God has done for us. God so loved the world that He sent His Son to willingly die in our place. When we trust Jesus and surrender our lives to Him, we become the church: Christ’s hands and feet on earth, carriers of the Good News of God’s love.

Why do I need Jesus?

Simply put, God is too pure, too holy, for us to get near Him with all of our dirt – it would kill us. It’s our sin that keeps us from living with God. But the Lord God loves us so completely that He sent Jesus to make a way for us to be forgiven, to be made clean. Jesus did this by dying on the cross in our place and paying the price for our sins. His act of perfect love is the way for us to live forever with God. We only need to believe and receive Jesus’ gift.

Maybe you’re still not ready? Maybe you have too many questions, too many hurts? Jesus is alive and you can ask Him yourself. Just talk to Jesus and ask Him to make Himself known to you. Seek Him and you will find Him. It’s God’s promise.

Ready for a new life?

The Bible says that if we want to find God, we need to search with our whole heart and if we declare that “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead, we will be saved.

Turn to God and ask for forgiveness. Trust your whole life to Him and receive Jesus’ forgiveness and life in return. Ask God’s Holy Spirit to come and take control of your life and live through you. Thank God for your new life!

This is just the beginning!

Tell us or someone about your decision to give your life to Jesus. Seek out other Christians to worship, pray, study, serve, love, and rejoice with you. Pick up a Bible and read it daily. Pray and listen for God’s voice. God’s Spirit will lead you.

There’s a whole lot more to discover—an eternity of wonder with God!
We invite you to join us here at Lighthouse Fellowship as we grow together.
We would love to walk with you in your new life in Jesus Christ.
God bless you!