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The Christmas Season really is twelve days, extending from Christmas Day to Epiphany on January 6th, when we remember the visitation of the Magi bringing Jesus prophetic gifts of gold (for a King), frankincense (for God), and myrrh (for the Savior’s death). This Epiphany our Worship begins at a new time! Join us at 10:45 am online and in person.

Missions: Like the Magi, we offer gifts to those who represent Jesus in the poor and forgotten (see Matthew 25:31-46). This year we celebrated with our friends and family at our local nursing home with individual gifts for every client; with a bowling Christmas party and gifts with our large local Deaf special needs group; with gifts and provisions for our sister church in Naskal Village, India; with gifts and cards for our homebound members; with food and warm provisions for the homeless and addicted in Kensington; and with many others at Norristown State Hospital and through our local single mother’s ministry. We invite you to join us.